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join a rehearsal!

Sharpen your performance skills

We are dedicated to musical excellence and work regularly with world-class coaches to perform at the highest level.

Experience the joy of harmony

Enjoy the satisfaction of singing with other voices in perfect four-part harmony and create unforgettable sounds.

Sing and compete with others

Meet many other like-minded singers from all over the world at local and international conventions and contests. 

Be a star

We invite you to be a part of an incredible, fun-loving group of women who come together to create amazing music and have a blast! 

A Rich History of Harmony

Founded in 1998, TuneTown Show Chorus’ mission is to aspire to musical excellence, build lasting friendships through harmony, and enrich lives through their music.

The dedicated women of TuneTown work hard, they play hard, and we draw encouragement and support from one another musically and personally as part of a sisterhood that is truly unique and wonderful. We would love to share this joy with others, so come join us!

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Come visit our rehearsals!

TuneTown meets every Monday night from 7 – 9 p.m. We start each rehearsal with vocal and physical warm-ups so our singers can keep their voices and bodies limber. We then work on a variety of music and skill-building exercises to expand our knowledge and musical ability. We’d love for you to join us! For more information about rehearsals, call (615) 807-0336 or email

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TuneTown is using multiple strategies to keep our singers safe during rehearsals. Contact us to learn more.